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  • IBM Lotus Notes & Domino Business Applications

    Business Applications for IBM Lotus Notes & Domino

    More than just email! Fully utilise your IBM Notes and Domino environment to provide your organisation with a powerful dynamic workflow and collaborative business application platform. 

    Codel Software has developed, deployed and supported a unique set of IBM Lotus Notes flexible, modular business applications that enable companies to capture and reuse the combined knowledge of their people.

    We provide IBM Lotus Notes solutions for business functions that include Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Quality, Human Resources, Project Management,  IT…. in fact we address just about all the vital and rich information that needs to flow through an organisation.

     All the solutions can be deployed for immediate access by the following methods:

    • As a native IBM Lotus Notes desktop solution

    • As a web browser solution

    • Downloaded to and from laptops and other mobile or PDA devices.  


    All our IBM Lotus Notes business software solutions are affordable, quick to deploy and include:

    Activ Absence Control software

    Enable your company to monitor, analyse, control and manage the causes, effects and most importantly the cost and productivity implications of scheduled and unscheduled staff absence. Clients are using this solution to replace their inefficient paper or spreadsheet based absence system with Activ Absence Control to cut down on absence administration costs, errors and system abuse.

    At the same time, improving your ability to manage any employee resource shortages and absenteeism.


    Activ CRM software

    Improve the performance of your sales function by controlling the vital information and knowledge that is needed to maximise their success.  This CRM suite of sales and marketing tools provides a central repository of all customer, prospect and supplier information for quick and easy access ensuring rapid response to sales opportunities.

    This reduces the administrative effort and provides the security of retaining and reusing your company’s knowledge asset. 


    Activ Quality Manager software

    When the business demands immediate information and control you need the power and assurance of Activ Quality Manager. The quality management software puts you in control, empowers individuals and enables you to surpass the Quality standards expected by your customers.

    From maintaining your quality documents to real time management of Contract Review, Design, Process Planning, Change Control, Supplier management etc. the solution provides an integrated system which will enable you to work smarter and reach your improvement targets. Create, review, approve and release all documents, standards and specifications on-line. Improve the confidence and performance of the entire organisation with interactive and up to date electronic information and processes. Ensuring that outstanding actions, responsibilities and quality records are transparent to the entire organisation.


    Activ Helpdesk software

    Designed by IT professionals for IT professionals. Activ Helpdesk is a comprehensive helpdesk software solution for busy IT departments and companies using IBM Lotus Notes and Domino. The helpdesk software can be used in stand-alone capacity for a variety of customer service applications or used in conjunction with other Codel Software applications such as Activ CRM and Activ Quality Manager.

    Notifications and workflow via email are also provided. A web portal is provided to allow internal and external users to enter and sign-off resolutions as well as the ability to interrogate their incident information and statistics.


    Activ Project Controller software

    The aim of Activ Project Control er is to enable you to complete projects faster and better. Based on IBM Lotus Notes and Domino the software integrates seamlessly with your Lotus Notes platform, without third party software. Having Activ Project Controller integrated into your system through a shared platform means a shorter learning curve and reduced implementation costs for the business.

    All project members are given maximum assistance by the solution to work using predefined methods and best practices. Project Managers are now better able to control and influence projects to a successful outcome. From developing new products to managing new contracts and deploying new policies, it can make a major impact on your business.      


    Codel Software provides all the above Activ business software solutions for distribution to clients with an open design and on an limited user and server basis in a single Lotus Notes domain. 

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