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  • Activ Quality Manager for IBM Lotus Notes Domino

    Activ Quality Manager for IBM Lotus Notes Domino

    Providing products and services which meet customer needs and expectations creates satisfied customers. Anticipating future needs and expectations retains satisfied customers. Therefore, quality is vital to the survival of every enterprise. 

    Activ Quality Manager for IBM Lotus Notes Domino is a comprehensive modular Quality Management software solution for organisations of any size and industry sector that are planning to achieve or maintain certification to the worldwide ISO 9001 standards. 

    These flexible software modules include versions for quality, environmental and health & safety:

    • Quality Management (ISO 9001]

    • Automotive Quality Management (ISO TS 16949)

    • Environmental Management (ISO 14001)

    • Occupational Health and Safety (ISO OHSAS 18001) 


    Activ Quality Manager comprehensive modules will enable you maintain and improve quality throughout your organisation, ensuring compliance to all your required standards and supporting your staff, customers and suppliers.

    Available Quality Management Modules include:

        • Document Control 

        • Quality Audits

        • Non-Conformances

        • Corrective Actions

        • Supplier Management

        • Skills, Competencies & Training

        • Continuous Improvement

        • Management Reporting


    Activ Quality Manager can deliver the following benefits and more into your organisation. It can be configured to reflect the specific ways of working, culture and policies of your organisation.

        • Access policies & procedures quickly and easily ensuring your staff always reference the current version. 

        • Release new policies, processes and procedures quickly to meet new regulations.

        • Gain feedback from all parties impacted by these changes that they had read and understood the changes.

        • Track supplier performance, manage supplier concerns and promote quality improvements in your supply chain.

        • Manage customer concerns, identify root cause and implement changes to prevent re-occurrence.

        • Access forms, documents and records easily & securely providing the necessary evidence for successful audits.

        • Manage non-conformance and implement suitable corrective and preventative actions.

        • Manage staff skills and competencies ensuring you have the right staff in place to ensure success.

        • Receive automated notifications when staff certifications are due for renewal.

        • Promote staff ideas for improvement.

        • Reduce amount of waste & rework by controlling quality of parts and materials from your suppliers.

        • Increase warranty terms and improve customer confidence.

        • Be prompted for area of the business to consider when assessing the impacts of proposed changes.

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