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  • Activ CRM for IBM Lotus Notes

    Activ CRM for IBM Lotus Notes

    Every company’s greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company.  
    Michael Le Boeuf

    By implementing Activ CRM you will have a fully featured enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool specifically built for  IBM Lotus Notes at your fingertips. Enabling your organisation to fully utilise your sales force and support them to turn leads quickly into sales and profit.

    Activ CRM has been developed by sales people for sales people to provide:

    • Online and offline working
    • Integration with IBM Lotus Notes email and IBM Lotus Sametime.
    • A familiar look & feel for ease of use.
    • Quick and easy access to customer data
    • Synchronisation of all required customer contacts with mobile devices
    • Centralised data store of all customer communications


    Activ CRM is deployed as native IBM Lotus Notes solution supporting IBM Lotus Domino versions 6.x, 7.x and 8.x. Enabling your organisation to leverage your existing Notes infrastructure with an integrated Lotus Notes CRM solution that you can trust. The key CRM modules include: 

    • Management Dashboard – a single screen displaying key data from across the system

    • Companies and Contacts – profiles of all companies (customers/suppliers/agents/distributors/..) and contacts who we have an interaction with.

    • Client Documents – all communications with clients including, Correspondence, Visit Reports, Call Notes, Complaints.

    • Marketing Contacts – a contact database that can be used for marketing purposes. If a contact later becomes a customer, the record can be migrated into Companies and Contacts

    • Mailshots – Search the Companies and Contacts or Marketing Contacts for specific matches (e.g. region, sector, job type etc) then create mailshot campaigns either, letter or email.

    • Group Diary – a combined diary showing all appointments for a specific list of Notes users (e.g. all Sales Representatives).

    • Management Reporting – a configurable reporting module that extracts client data from the system based on configurable parameters and creates an Excel spreadsheet for the results.


    Activ CRM for Lotus Notes provides your business with CRM tools that support business goals to achieve aggressive sales targets.  These tools will be the differentiating factor that will enable critical competitive advantage. Armed with access to the right knowledge, all customer facing staff will be in a better position to improve their understanding of your customer and create competitive advantage.

    If you are running IBM Lotus Notes, no other CRM application will give you better integration with your Lotus Notes email and calendar functions, all without modifying your core Lotus Notes templates.

    Activ CRM is highly configurable, and Codel Software can provide a complete in-house customization service in order to ensure a perfect fit with your company business requirements.


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