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  • Activ Project Controller for Lotus Notes Domino

    Collaboration is the key to successful projects

    The aim of Activ Project Controller for IBM Lotus Notes Domino is to enable you to complete projects faster and better. All project members are given maximum assistance by Project Control to work using predefined methods and best practice. Project Managers are better able to control and influence projects to a successful outcome.

    From developing new products to managing new contracts and deploying new policies, Project Control can make a major impact on your business.

    Project Control promotes concurrent working by providing a central repository for project information and knowledge so that team members are able to access and react faster to oncoming requirements. Wasted effort and rework is reduced because there is a greater awareness of project activities, issues and changes.

    Project Templates

    Activ Project Controller extends the functionality of project tools such as Microsoft Project by maintaining a complete knowledgebase of project information. To start a project you can use a template which defines the tasks, resources, people, skills, roles, documents, phases and reviews that are required to run a specific type of project. These templates can be generic or very specific depending on the business environment and are stored in a convenient library. Project plans are categorised into tasks, milestones and deliverables for easier control. These items can be allocated to people for further accountability.

    Task and resource information can be managed and synchronised with your chosen project management tool such as Microsoft Project. The plan is integrated with your project documents and processes using Activ Project Controller. The entire project knowledge base can then be communicated much more effectively Quality plans and audits can be incorporated into the project to ensure conformity. Quality planning to APQP requirements within the QS9000 standard is accommodated. Projects can be attributed to programmes to facilitate group reporting and control. Projects can belong to multiple programmes to assist a matrix project management approach.

    • Maintains a project template library

    • Creates project files in minutes

    • Integrates with popular Project Management applications such as Microsoft Project

    • Controls documents and reviews

    • Improves communication of project information to everyone in the team

    • Maintains a complete project knowledgebase

    • Includes quality planning


    Issue & Change Management

    Fundamental to successful delivery of a project is the ability to resolve issues and control change. Project Control provides a tool for handling these processes faster and more consistently. It also creates a knowledge store so that your staff can learn from the successes and failures of previous endeavours.

    Monitors issues & changes
    Manages impact assessments
    Search masks to interrogate previous decisions and impacts

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