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  • Bespoke v Off-the-shelf

    Bespoke software v off-the-shelf software 

    Choosing a bespoke software development can be a big decision to make, but the savings you can make in time and efficiency by not having to adapt your working methods or processes to a packaged solution will pay you back time after time. A bespoke solution can incorporate all of your specific business processes, eliminating time spent wasted on non-relevant tasks for a more productive workforce. A bespoke software development can incorporate in single solution activities that would normally require several off-the-shelf packages. 

    The key benefits of a bespoke software development are: 

    • You decide what functionality the system requires.

    • You decide where and what data is captured.

    • You decide what monitoring and reports are required.

    • You can have the flexibility to evolve the solution over time in line with your business requirements. 


    The choice is yours! And it is not as expensive as it sounds…

    Most bespoke systems are 90% based on requirements that everyone has. What makes bespoke software from Codel Software different and easy is that we take standard building blocks and simply add the data specifics and processes to meet your individual needs.

    So if you are struggling to find a software package that meets your specific requirements then perhaps a bespoke software development from Codel Software will be a more appropriate choice.

    Bespoke Software Charter

    We would like the opportunity to work with you and get a clear understanding of your business processes. Our solution experts can help you to create a vision for a solution and suggest improvements that can help create competitive advantage. As a business, we are committed to delivering the following bespoke software charter to you:

    • We thrive on business process challenges.

    • We encourage close client communication during all stages of development life cycle.

    • We aim to demonstrate a working solution as soon as possible in the project.

    • We never stop striving for continuous improvement of what we deliver to our clients.

    • Our software is developed in-house by experienced and qualified IT professionals.

    • All the software development team are IT graduates.

    • Our ISO 9001: 2008 certification proves our commitment to the delivery of high quality, software solutions and services.


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