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  • Where do I start?

    Where do I start?

    Undertaking a bespoke software development can sometimes feel like a daunting task. We believe at Codel Software that this should never be the case. 

    The first step is simply to contact us and discuss your requirement with no obligation in more detail. In order to give you confidence to explore your requirements, we can provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or you can use your own.

    We can manage the process for you, after all bespoke software projects are our bread and butter and we have the processes in place to control them. It is much lower risk for us to build you a complete solution than for a package supplier to customise their product to match your specification. This allows you to get on with your business.

    Our approach to bespoke development projects is based on a flexible working relationship basis between both parties. We have three key methods of working with clients that can be adapted for use under different circumstances to meet your requirements:

    • Estimated based model

    • Daily rate based model

    • Fixed price contract model


    Before you financially commit to the software development project, we will provide you with a cost proposal for the project based on the model required, there will be no hidden costs. On acceptance of the cost proposal, all bespoke software projects adhere to our fully transparent development process:

     Requirements Confirmation Phase

    One of the most important tasks of a bespoke software project is ensuring that you gather and define the business requirements. Codel Software undertakes extensive discussions with all the relevant departments in the organisation to define the business requirement that best suits the customer’s needs. A clear documented business requirement initiates the software development process and is instrumental in delivering quality solutions.

     Design & Architecture Phase

    Design and Architecture is the activity of defining the functional and/or technical definition required to develop the solution that meets the customer’s requirements. Codel Software ensures that the solution not only satisfies the current business requirements, but also supports anticipated future needs. We also guide our customers to understand available technologies and suggest appropriate platforms, servers and software that fit the customer’s business.

     Development & Coding Phase

    The most important phase of the software development process is the development or coding of the solution that meets the requirements of the customer. This includes designing the user interface (UI), the data store and coding the business rules and algorithms. We ensure that the user interface is intuitive, fits within the culture of the organisation and that the code is well structured for future enhancements and maintainability.

     Quality Assurance & Software Testing Phase

    As an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation, we understand that quality assurance is an integral part of any software development project. In order to ensure the quality of the solution, Codel Software undertakes extensive testing right through the development and coding, to the implementation phase of the software development process. Our Testing services include:

    • Unit Testing

    • Integration Testing

    • System Testing

    • Regression Testing

    • Functional Testing

    • Performance Testing

    • Load Testing

    • Compatibility Testing


     Deployment Phase

    We can provide deployment scripts and installation instructions as part of the standard deployment of the solution. We provide all the necessary assistance required during the implementation of the software solution. Codel Software can also provide training and support to the user base or internal ‘champions’, to shorten the learning curve.

     Support & Maintenance Phase

    Support & Maintenance starts after the standard warranty period in the software development life-cycle. With technological advancements and changing business needs, software application maintenance becomes an evolving process. On the other hand, continuous maintenance is essential to ensure that the software performs at the optimum level. 

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