Manage Staff Appraisals, Training & Development

No matter how you choose to manage and motivate your team, you need to record and monitor progress against agreed performance goals.

Activ Appraisals allows you to manage and monitor staff performance in a paper free environment.

Here's just some of the ways we can help managers to get the best from their people:

Managing staff performance

  • Annual staff appraisals
  • Self-assessments
  • Mid-year reviews
  • Peer (360) reviews
  • Competencies review
  • SMART objectives setting
  • Managed workflow
  • Employee achievements, demerits and missed opportunities
  • Record objective progress throughout the year

Training & Development

By adding the Activ Training module, managers can also develop & upskill their staff:

  • track and record staff skills & competencies
  • define required competencies
  • role requirements
  • skills gap analysis
  • succession planning
  • training records
  • training certificates
  • expiry dates and alerts
  • training feedback reviews

Activ Appraisals and Activ Training together deliver a winning combination for managing people development and training in your organisation.

Visit the Activ Appraisals website to learn more about how Activ Appraisals can help you organisation
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