Codel Software is committed to delivering quality software solutions, services and client interactions. We have demonstrated this through a continuous process of regular quality audits and customer satisfaction surveys.


We ensure that the clients’ requirements are fully and completely satisfied in an effective and efficient manner. To assist in achieving this we have developed a management system that covers all areas of the company's activities that impact on our delivery and service. This system is based on good working practices and complies with the requirements of ISO 9001.


The management system has been implemented using a combination of policy, objectives, computerised systems, documentation, performance standards and the use of competent personnel. All employees are encouraged to actively seek on-going continuous improvements in their personal development and in the efficiency and quality of the service offered to the customers.


The system, including this policy and objectives, are continuously reviewed at management meetings to ensure that it is still effective and applicable to the organisation. The meeting will also look at the setting new objectives to continuously improve the system.

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