Undertaking a bespoke software development project can sometimes feel like a daunting task. We believe at Codel Software that this should never be the case. We will work closely with you and your organisation every step of the way and will try our best not to use IT jargon!


Simply contact our friendly commercial team to discuss your requirement with no obligation in more detail. In order to give you confidence to explore your requirements, we can provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or you can use your own.


We can manage the process for you, after all we have delivered 100's of bespoke software projects and have the quality management processes in place to control them. It is a much lower risk for us to build you a complete solution than for a package supplier to customise their product to match your specification. This allows you to get on with your business.


Our approach to bespoke development projects is based on a flexible working relationship basis between both parties. We have three key methods of working with clients that can be adapted for use under different circumstances to meet your requirements: Estimated based model Daily rate based model Fixed price contract model


Before you financially commit to the software development project, we will provide you with a cost proposal for the project based on the model required. There will be no hidden costs. On acceptance of the cost proposal, all bespoke software projects adhere to our fully transparent project management and development process.

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